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For millennia, massage has possessed exceptional virtues and brought undeniable benefits to the body. Because the massage allows to take care of the body, it is necessary to differentiate the physical aspects from the psychic part. The different techniques applied help to provide a better silhouette and perfect curves. It also acts on the skin and helps to treat skin imperfections.

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 The main physical benefits of massage on the body are:

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  • Evacuation of toxins and fats causing cellulite.
    Lower back pain relief.
    Reduction of tension and relaxation of muscles.
    Alleviation of pain in the neck, back, head, feet and sciatic nerve.
    A toned body and a softening of the skin.
    Improves the flow of energy.
    Promotes sleep.
    Improves digestion.
    Allows better blood and lymphatic circulation.
    Helps to prevent diseases and drives away fatigue.
    Contributes to an appeasement in the general treatment of diseases

When the body breathes, the mind is purified. Massage has important positive effects on the mind, attention and awareness of emotions.

In many cases, it provides the patient with new energy by:


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